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Making Critical Health Data Available to Caregivers

How it Works!

Our solution is a perfect fit for people at home and in facilities. Smardii cannot replace caregivers, but it is designed to provide them with critical health data that will allow them to provide a Better Care! 

To use Smardii, you'll need the following:


The "Puck"

It is a reusable, rechargeable, and waterproof Medical Device that transmits critical health data to caregivers so that they can have useful information at their fingertips and provide better care to their loved ones. You'll buy this once, as your starter kit.


The "Strips"

These are Disposable Sensor-Strips that can be self-applied into any incontinence protection (our solution is brand agnostic). You'll need to buy refills "as you go".



The "App"

Basic Features are free, but.....

A Monthly Subscription would get you:

  1. Discounted strip pricing

  2. Strip inventory management and automatic reorders

  3. Access to full patient history

  4. Deeper insights on urology patterns

  5. Up to 6 care receivers

  6. Up to 6 caretakers

  7. LTE Connectivity for increased mobility

  8. Immobilization Alerts (for bedsores)

  9. Visualization of body positioning in real time

  10. Sharing Data with Primary Care Provider (PCP)

  11. Geolocation

  12. Note Taking/sharing among users


Smardii is the 
New Standard of Care

  • Predictive and preventative care tool for improved health.

  • Facility and staff management tool for healthcare operators.

  • Patients and families engagement.

  • Better care for patients with cognitive disorders.

  • Automated Logs for the Good Care given.

  • More operational insight for healthcare operators to better allocate staff to the critical tasks.

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