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Modern Structure

A Fantastic Journey

From a very simple idea of detecting urine in a diaper to a medical screening tool that revolutionize health monitoring, our diverse and versatile team has devoted countless hours throughout the years to improving the lives of the elder population, but also the ones of the people taking care of them.

Behind our technology and our strategy as a company is always one important guideline:

putting people first!

Project Genesis

2016 - 2020

July 2016

Smardii is Born!

October 2017

U.S. Patent

February 2018

U.S. Trademark

September 2018

International Patent

September 2018

Named #1 Disruptive Technology

Imperial College London

Chart Imperial College London.png

Les Opalines, France: 3,300 beds, 47 locations across France.

Hyeres Hospital, France: Over 100,000 patient visits per year.

Residence Beaulieu, France: 100 beds.

January 2019 - December 2019

Healthcare Tech Outlook Article Picture.
Smardii Award Tech Outlook 2019.png
Smardii Publi-Reportage EHPAD Magazine 2
EHPAD Magazine logo.png
Carbondale Genesis Logo.bmp
AMICA logo-smlsize-01.png

Ability Beyond, USA: 4,000 beds, 100 locations across New York and Connecticut.

Carbondale (managed by Genesis), USA: 150 beds, 1 facility in Pennsylvania.

Amica, Canada: 3,700 beds, 33 locations across Canada.

Senior Health Care Solutions, USA: 25 facilities across Pennsylvania.

Ircer Assunta di Recanati, Italy: 100 beds, one of Italy's oldest nursing home (since 1583).

January 2020

CES Exhibitor

Sands Expo, Eureka Park, Booth #50853

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